I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

February 2, 2009 at 2:25 am (Uncategorized)

In the Steelers case, “friends” being the refs. I have not seen another team that has consistently won games due to calls from the referees like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Currently it is the third quarter and the Steelers lead the game by a 13 point margin. The game has certainly not yet been decided, but I would like to go on the record at this point and make my opinion known.

Even the announcers have made reference to this phenomenon. When the call was made that gave the Steelers a first down after a field goal was kicked, they mentioned Mike Holgram (the SEahawks now retired head coach) and his “flashback” to a previous Super Bowl. My dad also reminded me of the game earlier this year where the refs made a call at the end of the game that won the game for the Steelers. They called a touchdown when the ball was clearly not in. The rest of the day sportscasters replayed the game and repeatedly determined the call was incorrect and the Steelers had won a game erroneously.

Now as we’re watching the game, we’ve also begun to notice that not only are the refs making calls in favor of the Steelers, when the Cardinals make a big play, a penalty brings it back. Currently there are 96 yards in penalties against the Cards and only 15 against Pittsburgh.  Hmmm….coincidence? I think not.

I have to give the Cards defense credit. Ranked as one of the worst in the NFL, they have really stepped it up in this game. Twice within the span of a minute or two they stopped the Steelers cold for 3 plays straight inside the 10 yard line.

I am not, in life in general, big on conspiracy theories. Granted I do believe there is much that goes on in government that I am not privy to. I met a man last weekend who confirmed this belief. He is a career navy man who works on submarines and also spends months at a time on some private government island in the South Pacific. He also by the way wrote the manual for FlyWire and conducts all the trainings on it. The man is a genius! He was entertaining us with stories about his adventures. He mentioned how high his intelligence classification is and the madness of some of the information he has been privy to. He assured us that we are better off not knowing what truly goes on behind the scenes.

Even as I’m typing this there has been yet another call against Arizona which resulted in a Pittsburgh first down. HA! I wonder if anyone else finds this as obvious and comical as we do right now? If this continues I may be going to bed earlier than I planned. With The Office set to DVR I have nothing to lose if this game continues down the drains at this pace

Government and sports are the two areas in life where I entertain conspiracy theories from time to time. Especially when so much is on the line and there are such glaringly obvious holes in events that occur. From time to time I’d thrown religion in there too. Perhaps the Cards will make a comeback and put all my theories to rest. We shall see…

*Addendum* The game as a whole began to turn around in the last quarter. The refs even made several good calls, including the safety for holding. Unfortunately they really flubbed up the call against Steelers #92 pommeling the life out of a down and defenseless Cardinal player.

Funny, I’m not even a Cards fan and I  am left feeling like a sore loser. Perhaps I am still holding a grudge from several years back? Better still, I was hoping the Cards would win and my conspiracy theory tendencies would be put to rest. Instead, I add one more note in my book of suspicions. Maybe there is more to this than I realized after all…


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