The old familiar standby

January 26, 2009 at 12:00 am (Uncategorized) ()

Beginning something has always been difficult for me. I think that’s why I procrastinate so often. I don’t know where to start. Once I’m engrossed in something I often think – this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be – why did I wait so long?

I’m hoping that will also be the case with this blog. Thus I am beginning by writing a blog about…beginning! Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but hopefully it will lead me into deeper things.

I am introspective by nature. Much of my identity comes from the ability to speculate and reflect on life both verbally and in writing. Most blogs I read are witty and a commentary of sorts about the happenings of life. This is the primary reason I have been so hesitant to blog. I do not believe my writing is either by nature. I thoroughly enjoy both, along with a good dose of satire tossed in  for good measure. But try as I may to employ these qualities in my writing, I come up short.

Thus, in this blog, I intend to stick to what I know – introspection. Finding a way to connect with the spirit and soul of who I am. To gain an awareness of where I am at and live from a place of depth and perspective. I don’t anticipate my blog winning any popularity contests. That’s not really what I have set out to do.

Really, this is for me. For those who decide to come along, I look forward to the dialog. My goal is to write a daily reflection for myself for the next 30 days. A friend accomplished this lofty goal and it challenged me to do the same. Day 1’s entry is now officially logged, we shall see what tomorrow brings!


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